Affiliate Program

Join Jaldi 3's affiliate program to become one of our trusted partners and boost your website's revenue. All you do is send visitors from your website to ours and you receive a portion of the revenue from the purchases they make. It's completely free to become an affiliate - find out how to get started today.

About Jaldi 3

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

When you sign up to Jaldi 3's affiliate scheme, you earn commission whenever a sale is made from traffic that you pass on to us. There are a host of other advantages to being a member:

Benefit Personal Account Management

Help with your account is available around the clock via phone, chat or email.

Benefit Reporting Tools

You will have access to reporting tools so that you can monitor your campaigns and improve performance.

Benefit High-Quality Assets

A library of assets, including banners, icons, feeds and much more, is on hand to boost your marketing.

Benefit Reliable Payments

Pick from a variety of banking options and receive reliable payments on a monthly basis.

Benefit Performance Bonuses

High performance will be rewarded so you can build a successful long-term partnership.

How to Become an Affiliate

It is quick and easy to become a Jaldi 3 affiliate. Even better, it's absolutely free. All you need to do is register for our network - Here's what you need to do:

Sign Up

Select 'Sign Up Now' to enter your contact and website details. Add your unique tracking code to your website. This will provided when you join and will allow your site to be attributed as a traffic source.


Refer your users to Use the marketing tools you will receive as a member to help increase referrals.


Earn money every time you convert one of your users to betting on Jaldi 3. is the affiliate network that is part of. It is a world-leading affiliate program with a team of experienced account managers. They work with companies all over the world and provide a personal service and all the expertise you need to help you increase your website's revenue.


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