Check Your Numbers

This Checker will show you if you’ve matched the winning Jaldi 3 numbers. Your numbers will be compared against recent results and any numbers you’ve matched will be shown, as well as any prizes you’ve won.

How to Use This Checker

You can use this Checker in two ways: you can type your numbers in or select them from a grid. Use the ‘Input Mode’ option at the top of the Checker to switch between the two methods. After that, follow the steps below to check your numbers:

  • First, type in or select your three numbers - make sure they're in the same order you picked them.
  • Select ‘Add Line’ if you want to check more than one set of numbers at once.
  • Select your method of entry from all the available play types.
  • Confirm how much you bet. This will ensure the prize amounts displayed by the Checker are accurate.
  • Choose how many days’ worth of results to check, up to a maximum of 60.
  • Choose whether to check the results from 1:30am, 5:30pm, 10:30pm or all draws.

If you need to start again, just select the small cross next to your chosen numbers or hit the ‘Reset Checker’ button. Once you’re happy, select ‘Check Numbers.’

Type in your numbers below

Enter your three numbers (0 to 9)

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Top Prize:
Next draw 10:30pm

Please remember that the results of the Checker do not prove you are a winner. You must have purchased a valid entry to be able to claim prizes.


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